Barb’s Journey

Isn’t it amazing the things that we take for granted? Most of us don’t give any thought to waking up each morning and completing our routine activities such as getting dressed, going to work and running errands.  I never thought that my future would include years of no longer trusting my feet as I walk, […]

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When a person finally gets to the point of desperation in life, there are only two choices.  You can give in to the situation and let it swallow you up until it completely suffocates your life OR you can admit that the only way you’re going to survive is with help. I was at a […]

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During the next several months I’ll be sharing my story with you. If you were to meet me in person, at first glance you would wonder why I’m so big.

You might discover that I’m a nice person, have a heart for people and that I have a fun sense of humor. But I want you to get to know who I really am. If you’re struggling with weight loss, then I hope my experiences will encourage you and inspire you to keep working at losing weight.

If you’re in great shape and just “don’t get” how a person can become obese, then I hope my story will provide you with some insight on the struggles of an overweight person.

So what’s my story?

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