Motivation for Weight Loss

It’s human nature to dislike change and abhor any sense of deprivation. That’s why it’s little wonder that so many people end up sabotaging their attempts to lose weight and stick to an exercise regimen. Sigmund Freud keenly observed years ago that “there are no accidents”.  If you find yourself starting diet after diet – […]

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So this time around you’re hell bent on losing weight for Christmas, right?!  You’ve gone out and bought yourself new training gear including a brand new pair of sneakers and you’ve even gotten your diet plans sorted out. All you are waiting for now is Monday – when your gym membership starts. This time you are […]

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Breaking a bad habit can be frustrating.  How many times have you been determined to lose weight, only to find yourself slipping back into a bad habit?  For instance, when you’re having a super stressful day and nothing seems to be going right, does it cause you to make a trip or two to the […]

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Find Your Motivation

by ADC - Gail

There are many factors that influence our decisions to exercise and eat right. Many of these motivations are not our own, but come from outside pressures and media hype. Internal Motivation vs External Motivation The successful incorporation of life change on a long term basis only happens when you have internal motivation.  It is that […]

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Finding Motivation For Weight Loss

Staying motivated during your weight loss and fitness program can be a tough task unless you have that inner zeal and a well thought out strategy in place. Staying fit is very essential for a healthy and happy life and it demands a long term commitment from you.  A good plan will make it much […]

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