The Digest Diet Review

by A Diet Community

 Do you have a substantial amount of weight to lose?  Do you think it’s possible to lose 26 pounds in three weeks? 

The Digest Diet is designed by health journalist Liz Vaccariello, claims just that!

The Digest Diet is a 21-day weight loss plan that challenges individuals to discover why fat builds up in the body and to learn 22 easy-to-do lifestyle changes to get rid of fat.  As the fat begins to melt away, cravings will dwindle as well.

The book includes:

  • Three foods that dissolve fat
  • Common diet myths
  • How people consume extra calories without realizing it
  • Tips for burning up to 700 calories a day without doing workouts

The Digest Diet is broken into three stages.


Stage 1:  Fast Release. 

Stage 1 is a four-day fat releasing jump start.  As part of its cleansing process, you consume special designed shakes and soups.  A 12-minute workout is provided that combines strength training and high intensity interval training.


Stage 2:  Fade Away.

For the next ten days, you continue to have a shake a day, and greens and proteins are added to the diet.  You begin to build muscle as you continue to lose fat.  Carbohydrate intake is lowered for faster weight loss.


Stage 3:  Finish Strong.

During the final week of the plan, you follow the meals and recipes provided in the book which center around whole foods.  Recipes come with color photos.


The Digest Diet identifies 13 fat releasers, such as Vitamin C, protein and calcium and provides a list of fat releasing foods that can be eaten during the plan.  Also included in the book is a workout calendar, success stories, and free online features such as tips, shopping lists and food journals.


While reading the book, it certainly challenged some of my thinking.  We’ve been told over and over to not lose more than 2 or 3 pounds a week.  Ms. Vaccariello believes that you need to lose a lot at the very beginning to motivate you to want to lose more.  Another interesting thing is how much dairy is included.  Lots of diets have you limit dairy products.


For three weeks, the diet is definitely worth trying.  If nothing more, you’ll rid your system of toxins and will refrain from fast food and sugary items.  That’s a good thing!



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