Eat Stop Eat

by A Diet Community

This is a program that was developed by an athlete and a nutritionist named Brad Pilon. Here is a little about the Eat Stop Eat. This diet program has you fasting for two full days of the week. These are called starvation days. This time prepares your body to burn fat and start loosing weight using your metabolism. Once your body has it’s “jump-start” your energy levels improve and your body will not feed of your muscle. Note, this isn’t your typical fast, you still will be allowed to drink plenty of different liquids. Short fasting does have benefits such as detoxing of the body and it has been proven to increase fat burning hormones. As with every diet program there always will be Pros and Cons. First off I will list a few of the Pros to start.


  •   This is a science-backed program.
  •   There is no weighing of your meals, any counting carbs and calories, no small meals throughout the day.
  •   No one food is prohibited in the program.
  •   The cost is great! After all Eat Stop Eat is only a book, so that makes you responsible for how much you spend on your food, and you do fast for two days of the week. Think of the money you will be saving on these two days!
  •  This program will help your body obtain the calorie deficit you need to actually loose weight.
  •  You pick your food to eat on eating days. No strict diet to follow and no paper tasting food items in your day! This is actually a program that works around YOUR schedule.


  •   May be difficult to follow the program in the beginning and in long-term for some people.
  •   If you are diabetic, have low blood-pressure or are pregnant, this program is not the one for you.
  •   If you fast for too long this will cause your metabolism to slow down as your body start to conserve calories so you can go longer without eating. Fasting for longer than the recommended period is NOT advised.
  •   Starting your starvation days you may experience dizziness, headaches and few people have trouble sleeping. These are only detox symptoms and will only last  a few days.

Now that is out of the way, this is a great diet program for those who have very busy schedules or  financially can’t afford a personal trainer, gym memberships, and weight loss equipment. Although you do need to exercise regularly on this program, it isn’t as hardcore as most diets. Once your metabolism kicks in you will have great amounts of energy, and this will make exercising enjoyable. No need to live off a bad tasting health food diet! After all, you will be the head chef, so what you eat is really up to you. Flavor has finally returned to a diet program! It really is so true if you want to lose weight, eat less. That was in one of Brad Pilon’s blogs I recently read. It really is up to you how much you lose with this program. Keep an honest record every day, and track your measurements every day. This way, you will see your results and want to keep going!

Jackie July 20, 2012 at 12:37 am

I can understanding fasting one day a week, but 2 days a week seems pretty extreme if you’re working a job, or doing activities that require energy.  I know that I personally would have a difficult time with it.  My co-workers wouldn’t appreciate it either–I would be super grumpy!  Just my opinion.

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