Gold’s Gym Stride Trainer 380 Elliptical

by A Diet Community

The Gold’s Gym Stride Trainer 380 is a good product if you are looking to buy a short term piece of exercise equipment. Elliptical fitness machines are designed to provide you with a cardio workout without the stress on your joints. Unlike treadmills, your feet never leave the machine, providing a smooth workout. The quality of Gold’s Gym fitness products are usually rated pretty high, but as for this model of elliptical trainers, it tends to be poorly rated.

Many other elliptical machines have rather high weight limits, but the 380’s maximum limit is only 250 lbs. A few reviews of users well under this weight limit stated they felt very unsafe on this machine as it rocks side to side during workouts, and they would recommend spending the extra money to upgrade to a different model.

There are some PRO’s to this model don’t get me wrong. This would make a great short term machine if you are looking to boost your endurance level. It has 6 different resistance programs that were all designed by professional trainers. This way you won’t be starting off in a level that is too difficult for you. The LCD monitor is easy to read and provides you with your workout information such as your speed, workout time, distance covered, pulse and the calories burned. Your pulse rate is counted by the pulse grip handlebars, so no uncomfortable straps are needed. The water bottle holder is in a convenient spot so you can stay hydrated during your workouts. Although it comes with a silent magnetic resistance wheel, the product tends to be quite noisy.

Even though the 380 is a rather light machine, it is designed with transport wheels to make moving fairly easy. The machine is pretty compact making for easy storage. You might be wondering how much this model costs? The average price for the Gold’s Gym Stride Trainer 380 is right around $280. Like I stated earlier, many of the ones who have reviewed this model recommended to go with the next model up, to get more bang for your buck.  Another reason why so many have given it poor ratings is the warranty is not very great. The manufacture’s warranty is only 90 days, which is a lot shorter than most elliptical products on the market. If you are looking at purchasing this elliptical, I would suggest purchasing an extended warranty through the manufacturer, only to make sure you will get the most out of your money spent.

The product assembly seems to be a big issue to many. The instructions have been called cumbersome by a few people. You may want to ask if the product can be pre-assembled at the time of purchase, so you can skip the stress of having to assemble yourself.

This elliptical machine may be a good starter elliptical for those trying out new ways to do cardio or for those who would use it about once a week when it rains.

Comfort Rating: 3 out of 5.

Durability Rating: 2 out of 5.

Diversity Rating: 3 out of 5.

Price Rating: 2 out of 5.


Jamie May 19, 2012 at 12:14 am

Wow!  Thanks for the great advice!!!  I almost purchased this exact same machine from a co-worker who is selling hers.  When I asked her why she was selling it, she claimed it was because she just didn’t use it.  But after reading this cons, I think I’ll pass. 

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