HCG Diet Review

by A Diet Community

*It is highly recommended that you do extensive research before using this product.*

I was not too familiar with the HCG diet when asked to write a review on it. I had heard of of the HCG Diet and people have left both positive and negative reviews; because of this, I decided to research everything I could on the HCG Diet.

What Can You expect?

To summarize what you can expect while following the HCG weight loss plan, I will be using information accumulated from the HCG site only. Since this is a detox diet, I only want to quote facts and information that strictly comes from the site that has created Trim HCG.

HCG is supposed to result in weight loss and it does. The great news is that there are a lot more health benefits associated with the HCG diet plan. Clients have reported an overall increase in their health. This is due to the fact that the Trim HCG Diet Plan also acts as a wonderful detox for your body! Another great and unique benefit being reported is a decrease in sweating. This is a great, especially for those that have a sweating problem; this can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem.

Another unexpected benefit  being reported by clients is they have learned better eating habits and behaviors just  by completing the diet. While going through the diet plan clients learn to be creative in their meal plans, learn to eat on a schedule, and also learn portion control. Clients that at one time had no idea how to  shop using a meal/menu plan, end up developing overall healthier eating habits as well as lifestyle changes.

I believe there is even a better, unexpected benefit to the HCG Diet. Clients are reporting lower cholesterol and blood pressure. All these clients used the Trim HCG Diet. Here are more benefits that I think are important in making a decision if this diet is right for you.

Trim HCG Benefits Reported by Clients:

*Muscle mass not affected

*Cholesterol back to normal levels

*Fat reduced over entire bod

*Tighter skin, youthful look

*Structural fat is rejuvenated

*Improvement in singing voice

*New shaping of body

*Positive outlook. Less irritable

*Balanced out hormone levels

*More focus and a clearer head

*Thyroid Gland reset

*Rebuilding of Adrenaline Glands

*Increase in Energy

*Better Eating Habits

*Improved sleep at night

*Great Detox for your body

*Reset appetite to normal level

*Decrease in sweating

You are probably wondering at this stage of the review, what the HCG diet really is. What kind of plan or product is it? I will summarize what the HCG Diet plan is and you will then have enough information to make an informative choice.

First of all in order to get recipes, the HCG Diet Plan, the HCG Trim Drops, meal examples and so much more, you need to become a HCG Market Member. I am serious; you need to fork out money first, just to get some basic information and a very small bottle of HCG drops! There are different packages with varied costs. You are still wondering what the HCG Diet is and what are the drops all about, right? Well, below is a brief history.

History of the HCG Diet

A British Doctor, named Dr. A.T.W. Simeon, discovered the use of HCG over 50 years ago. He began experimenting with the use of HCG and a low calorie diet in treating obesity. His research established a link of obesity to a malfunction in the hypothalamus and diencephalon. When not working properly, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to burn abnormal fat, which is the fat that we all want to burn.

Dr. Simeon’ studies and more recent research has found that HCG aided by a low calorie diet helps the body dispose of this fat by putting it into the blood stream where it is then burnt off by the body for energy. This way when you lose weight, you also lose inches. His weight loss protocol works so well that it has undergone very few changes over the years.

The HCG Diet is supposed to be safe and simple. Here is why.

Place the drops under your tongue 3 times a day and follow the regular diet protocol. HCG has had great and equal success on both Men and Women for years. Thousands of people over the years have successfully completed the HCG diet, however most would prefer drops to injections with the Homeopathic version.

I would have to learn a bit more about the HCG Diet and what their miracle drops will do to your brain and body in years to come before I would use it.

Tisa May 21, 2012 at 11:41 pm

I’d like to know exactly what’s in the drops and are there any side effects?  Has anyone had allergic reactions to the drops?  I don’t personally know anyone who has used this method to lose weight.

Sue September 1, 2012 at 2:29 am

I used the HCG diet (I did shots not the drops) under the guidance of a physician and nutritionist -I lost 26 lbs and 27 inches in 40 days. Google pounds and inches and you will be able to get Dr. SImeon’s manuscript detailing the Hcg diet. The shots I took were pharmaceutical grade HCG…. my nutritionist said usually the drops don’t contain the same HCG as the shots. You have to be mentally ready to follow this rigid plan for the 40 days. The benefits described are true, I felt great didn’t really have any problems following the low calorie diet (500 cal a day and only certain foods) as I wasn’t hungry… the hcg helps burn excess fat which is why I wasn’t hungry. I am now getting ready to lose the next and last 25 lbs I need to lose.

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