Just Do It: How to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

by A Diet Community

We all know the importance of diet and exercise.just do it  Many of us are quite knowledgeable about the best foods to eat and the best physical activities to engage in.

We may even have a library full of fitness and diet books, but yet actually beginning to exercise and eat right eludes us.

We make excuses or excuses seem to find us.  Work, family, and extra activities all come first.

It is so easy to grab a fast food burger and collapse on the couch in front of the television rather than fix a heart healthy meal and take a walk afterwards.

  • Most of us are own worst enemies when comes to making healthy lifestyle changes
  • Habits are difficult to break
  • Sometimes our emotions interfere with what we know is best for us
  • Worries over family difficulties or stress at work can make adapting healthy habits seem unimportant or impossible


How to Get Out of Your Own Way

If you are your own biggest obstacle standing in the way of becoming healthier, some simple strategies can help you get out of your way and begin.

Journaling or talking with a counselor or a trusted friend can help you discover emotional issues that may be holding you back.

But you don’t have to wait until you have explored all your issues to make some healthy changes.

Simple behavior changes are possible at any stage of your emotional journey. Experts suggest several ways to make lifestyle changes a reality:

  • Start small.  Make one change at a time.
  • Choose something you know will be easy for you.  For example, opt to add one extra vegetable to one meal per day. After this becomes a habit, you can make another change, such as eating fish once a week or eating fruit for dessert.
  • Starting small is very important when it comes to exercise.  You need to build up your strength and stamina over time. Overdoing exercise can lead to sore muscles, discouragement, and even injury. Begin with five or ten minutes of an activity and then build up.
  • Choose physical activity you enjoy and nutritional changes that appeal to you, rather than things you think you “must do” but don’t really like.


Don’t Do it Alone

Enlisting support is often the vital key to making lifestyle changes that last.

Sometimes the very act of telling someone important to you that you will be making certain changes is enough to keep you motivated.

However, choose your support person wisely; you want someone that will truly support you, rather than someone who will nag you or tempt you to eat “just a little bite”.

Other tips to enlist support include:

  • Exercise with a friend or group of friends.   You can encourage each other and knowing that others are depending on you to be with them is a great incentive.
  • Consider joining a weight-lose group.  There are many groups to choose from. Pick one that fits your personality.
  • Joining a group with a friend or family member can be another incentive and source of support.
  • Online support groups can also help motivate and encourage you.


Do it Now

By far the most important tip to start making healthy changes is just to begin.

Don’t wait for next week.

Pick one thing you can do tomorrow and do it.

Succeeding at one thing will motivate you to make other changes and you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

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