Why You Shouldn’t Be Trying to Lose Weight

by A Diet Community

Ever wondered why you don’t see many ‘dream bodies’ walking down the streets?  And why aren’t there many ‘beach bodies’ on the beach?

It seems as though almost everyone dreams of possessing that ‘dream body’ or ‘beach body’, not many are able to achieve it.      

Everyone seems to make plans and show dedication.  However, most fail to reach their goals.

Why is this?

From the look of things, the reason for this is taking the wrong approach toward setting fitness goals.

Fitness experts, books and internet resources all tend to focus too much on losing weight. In fact, the term ‘weight loss’ shouldn’t even be used – instead, the phrase ‘fat loss’ should be promoted!

What is wrong with trying to ‘lose weight’?

Losing weight is easy.

When you get sick, you lose weight!  However, you get weak too!

What that means is that you lose muscle.  That translates into the loss of energy and vigour.

Obviously, you aren’t looking to lose that kind of weight, are you?

So why use the term ‘weight loss’?

Healthy weight loss is a much better term but ‘fat loss’ wins hands down since that is exactly what you should be looking to do.

When most women say to their personal trainers, ‘I am just looking to tone up’, what they mean is ‘I want to bring my fat % down’.

When you take the layer of fat on top of your muscle away and you feel nice and tight. Add in a little bit of resistance training moves and you will get nice toned arms (and the rest of your body).

So what should your approach to fat loss be? And, how do you know if you are making progress?

What is the right way to do it?

A combination of losing fat (by lowering body fat %) and losing inches (maintaining leaner body mass) is what you should aim for.

In a nutshell, losing size in a healthier way is the right way to go about it. ‘GET LEAN’ is the phrase that you should drill in your mind and work on!

  • High intensity interval training with resistance, particularly with a muscle power component, will burn fat while maintaining lean mass.
  • Combining a high protein diet with a reduced portion size of your meals will lead to fat loss.
  • Eating liberal amounts of fish servings, veggies, nuts and seeds will keep your vitamin and mineral supply at an optimal level and ensure healthy joints, cartilage, skin and hair.

Since you are now targeting your new goal – fat loss – rather than weight loss, weighing yourself is no longer necessary since the scale won’t reflect either body fat% or inches lost.

Changes in readings from girth body fat measure measurements and body fat% using any of the several methods available is the ideal way to monitor your progress.


Approaching your fitness goals the right way makes a lot of a difference to where you will end up.

Tweaking your training and diet just enough so that you are headed the right way will also mean you will be happy with your progress – this will ensure you do not get discouraged, stay motivated and do not give up till you reach your ‘dream goals’.

So, starting TODAY, throw that bathroom scale out the window, get your training gear out, get some high intensity training thrown into your exercise routine and start discovering the new you!

Kellee October 27, 2012 at 11:25 am

I had to stop weighing myself. I was almost getting obsessed with the scale and would get so discouraged if I gained a pound. I don’t measure myself…but I pay attention to my clothes. If a pair of pants begins to feel snug then I know I need to up my game plan. Things are going well because people have been asking me what my secret is. Some people get weighed every day and I don’t know how they do it.

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