Macro-Mediterranean Holistic Meal Delivery

by A Diet Community

Macro-Mediterranean Holistic Meal Delivery was developed after a doctor-run study of the meals performed in January of 2009 showed participants reported marked health improvements during one month of eating Macro-Mediterranean meals.

Health improvements ranged from general improvements in energy levels, well-being and skin health to weight loss and reduced bloating, to cholesterol reductions of over 50 points, greatly improved blood pressure levels, improvements in chronic arthritis pain, to improvements in diabetes control and reductions in diabetes medication requirements.

More information about this study, video interviews with participants and information about Macro-Mediterranean can be found at

  • All entrees are prepared and delivered fresh each week.
  • Meals are inspired upon traditional dishes from the world’s rich cultural heritage providing a totally facilitated, exciting and gourmet yet healthful way of eating.
  • Menus rotate each week and change seasonally providing great variety. Most dishes from our unique and refined repertoire of hundreds are prepared only 3-6 times per year.

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