Weight Loss for Stay at Home Moms

by A Diet Community


Being a stay at home mom seems like an easy thing to do… unless you’ve done it.  If you’ve ever actually been a stay at home mom, you understand that it is much more difficult that it looks.  This is especially true when you are trying to fit an exercise plan into your busy day.

Apart from the regular chores like laundry, vacuuming, cooking, shopping, etc., there are kids to deal with.  Regardless of the plans you make, they will usually force you to chance those plans.

However, this does not mean it’s impossible to lose weight as a stay at home mom.  It just means you have to do a little more planning ahead and be a little more creative.

These are simple tips that will make it really easy to lose weight even when you have to deal with chores and children all day long.

Don’t Eat What Your Kids Eat

The biggest mistake stay at home moms make is to eat what your children eat.   Of course, this is easier because ou only have to prepare one meal.  However, in most cases this means you’re eating empty calories that likely won’t fill you up.

Make it a point to eat healthy, even when you’re home all day.   You just have to plan ahead and get some easy-to-make diet recipes that you can have while your kids are eating their own food.

Don’t Snack Between Meals

Another important item is to avoid junk food in between meals during the day.  This can be difficult because most kitchens have this type of food readily available and kids usually snack a lot during the day.

You have to really made an effort to avoid snacking between meals yourself, as well as avoid the temptation of eating off your kid’s plates!

Be Prepared For Fitness

In most cases, being able to stick to a set exercise schedule is really difficult for stay at home moms.  The reality is that kids have their own schedules, needs and even demands that are all up to you to meet.  This means you are usually dealing with an issue related to your kids when your regular exercise time comes around.

One of the best things you can do to combat this is to get dressed in your workout clothes as soon as you get up.  This will help stay motivated during the day and it will also allow you to exercise at a moments notice during the day.

Don’t Set a Strict Schedule

It is also essential not to have a strict or rigid exercise regime. Clearly, it is important to exercise, but you will be better off without a strict schedule.  It can be very useful to look for other opportunities throughout the day to exercise.

For example, you can get in some easy exercise by taking a walk whenever the time is available.  Remember that walking up and down the stairs, vacuuming, and other household chores are a form of exercise too.

I even know a mom who often exercises while shopping at the local grocery mart by taking hand and ankle weights with her.  This allows her her to complete her chores while exercising at the same time. 

Use Naptimes

One final step you can do is to set aside a couple of nap times during the week for exercising.  Yes, most people use this time to catch up on their chores, but you can share that time with your exercise needs.

Exercising a few times a week will actually give you more energy, making it easier (and faster) to get those chores done when yo’ve finished.


Do you have any other tips for stay at home moms who want to be fit?

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