Precor 9.35

by A Diet Community

The Precor 9.35 is a very well built treadmill that has very great features. Whether you are a walker, or an advanced marathon runner, you can be sure that the Precor 9.35 has everything you need to give you a comfortable workout. One feature that the 9.35 has that many treadmills do not have is the ability to decline up to -2%. Along with the ability to decline, you also will find that the Precor can incline up to 15%; this truly is a great feature for those who may be training for an upcoming event.

The Precor comes fully loaded with 23 different workout programs, so you will never be stuck with the same boring routine every time you step onto your 9.35. To help you change up your workouts it has 2 custom workouts, 4 interval workouts, 5 heart rate programs, calorie and distance goal programs, a fitness test, a manual program to allow you to set your own speed, time and incline levels, a track, walk and weight loss program. That isn’t all of the great programs that are built into the Precor, there are too many to list!

The Precor also has a 5 and 10k course, and a 1 and 2 mile workout. For the active family who loves to workout, the Precor has 4 user Ids, allowing for multiple users to store their fitness profiles. Also, if you are a family with young children and are worried about them accidentally turning on the treadmill behind your back, don’t be! The Precor has a great password code system allowing the treadmill to only be turned on when applied. Another great safety feature is the magnetic shut off clip, when detached the Precor will automatically shut off, this reduces the number of treadmill accidents that do happen every year.

I have seen some treadmill’s on the market that have such small screens, you almost need a magnifying glass to read it! With the great display screen on the 9.35, you won’t need for those.

The display screen is made using advanced LED technology, and is touch sensitive, so no need to worry about pushing the buttons more than once! The display reads you tons of your workout information, including percentage complete, your average heart rate, speed, calories per hour and minute, distance, decline and incline level, your personal best record, fitness profile and the time remaining in your workout program.

With the new Ground Effects Impact Control System that absorbs shock at the point of impact, it will provide you with less strain and stress on your joints, and will also provide you with more stability at push-off than most typical treadmills. The Precor also has a great Integrated Footplant technology that will allow the treadmill’s belt to move at the speed according to your foot push-off speed. As you accelerate and slow down, so will the belt speed. The area of the track is a great 20×57″ allowing for a more comfortable run. The belt is made using a multi-ply polyester satin weave with a PVC non slip surface. This is designed for your ultimate comfort in mind. The rollers are Precision-machine steel crowned to keep your belt centered and running smoothly and quietly. The deck itself is reversible, making for double the life of normal treadmills.

For easy transport, the Precor has convenient transport wheels, so moving is fairly easy. The Precor Company has been making fitness products for many years, and always come with great warranties on their machines. The 9.35 has a lifetime warranty on the frame and welding, 10 year on parts and electronics, 10 year on wearable items and a 1 year on labor. This is far greater than most warranties. The maximum user weight is 350lbs. With all of these great features on the Precor 9.35, you can look to spend any where from $4,500-5,000 on one of these gym quality treadmills.


Comfort Rating: 5 out of 5.

Durability Rating: 5 out of 5.

Diversity Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price Rating: 2 out of 5.


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