The Schwinn 240

by A Diet Community

The Schwinn 240 is a recumbent exercise bike that is very highly rated, making it one of Schwinn’s top selling exercise bikes. Schwinn has been known for many years for its high quality fitness equipment and product warranties. This is a great machine if you are looking for a convenient quiet at home low impact workout. 

The 240 has 17 different programs preloaded and 16 different resistance levels, making this perfect for either a beginner or a more advanced workout. With the programs it is almost like having a personal trainer from the comfort of your own home!  A few of the features that it has is a multi color back lit LCD,  which displays your speed, distance of your workout and calories and fat burned during your workout session. Two other great features to be mentioned is the convenient water bottle holder and book rack to keep your favorite book! Extra wide pedals to provide you with safe and comfortable pedaling during exercising.

With these great features the price is a little higher than that of the Schwinn 220 bike. For a brand new 240 the price range is around $350-400, which is much cheaper than many home gym systems, or the price of any gym membership. The pricing was one of the only cons about this system, but owners stated that they were very happy with the system other than that.

 We all know how hard it is to find a comfortable way to drop some extra weight; you may ask “is that even possible?”  The 240 has a great lumbar support system making this bike very comfortable. The seat is much more supportive than upright bikes, which is a great feature for those who may have back pain, or if you’re just looking for a more comfortable workout. So now you can sit back and read a book or watch your favorite movie while working out!  Another plus is that the seat is easily adjusted making this a great product for more than one user. This product is a flywheel system which provides you with a smooth life-like road feel at the comfort of your own home. The wheel itself is extremely quiet, making it great for those new mothers who don’t want to wake their new baby!

This product has been known to be easily assembled, and comes with very clear and easy to read instructions. For your convenience you may also ask to have it pre-assembled for you at the time of purchase, this will help ease your mind that everything is done correctly. You can also call the customer support line if you have any questions, they have been known for being very professional and helpful. If you are looking for a great indoor low impact aerobic workout, the Schwinn 240 may be the perfect bike for you.

Comfort Rating: 4 out of 5.

Durability: 5 out of 5.

Diversity: 5 out of 5.

Price Rating: 3 out of 5.


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