Schwinn 840

by A Diet Community

The Schwinn 840 is another great fitness product from the Schwinn Company. Are you looking to build up your endurance? Needing to train for an upcoming event? Are you just looking for a fitness machine that is easy to use, and that will get the job done? The 840 is such a great treadmill that will keep you on your toes and wanting to come back for more! 

It has a 2.5 horsepower continuous motor that will provide all the power needed to handle whatever task you are looking to accomplish. Even with all of that power, it is an extremely quiet machine, even while running! Sixteen different workout programs are designed to provide you with the ultimate low-impact workouts that are great for any body type. The 840 starts off at .5mph and you can work your way up to the top speed of 10mph. You may choose from 6 different courses, or even create your own and save it for your next workout! The 2 back lit LCD displays are easy to read and understand, and show your workout information such as speed, calories that you’ve burned, time and course level.

Wanting to kick up your workout a notch? The ramp can be inclined a total of 10% to give you that more intense workout you are looking for. Another great feature about the ramp is that it was designed with Softrak suspension that helps reduce stress on your joints as you walk or run. This is also nice to prevent major personal injury. Sometimes it may be a little boring just working out with nothing to do, so why not set your favorite book or magazine on the convenient book rack! Also, we know that during and after our workouts we may not feel so “fresh”  so be sure to turn on the fitness fan featured to help keep you cooled down during workouts. Also provided is an H2O bottle holder that is found only a reach away, be sure to stay hydrated during workouts, this will help you get the most from the workout.

You may think that with all of these great features this would be a dinosaur of a machine. Actually, the 840’s total weight is 285lbs, which is a lot lighter than most treadmills on the market. It even comes with transportation wheels that will make moving an easy chore.

The Schwinn company always provide great warranties on their fitness products. The 840 comes with a 5 year frame warranty, 10 year motor, 1 year electronics, 6 month parts and 90 days on the wear parts on this machine. That should ease your mind, as many warranties are only 30-60 days. The average cost for the Schwinn 840 is about $1,000. That is a bargain for this wonderful treadmill!

Comfort Rating: 5 out of 5.

Durability Rating: 5 out of 5.

Diversity Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price Rating: 4 out of 5.


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