Should Buying Soda Pop Be Limited?

by A Diet Community

We know it is bad for us.  We know it can be addicting and that it even contributes towards soda popobesity, but should there be limits on how much soda pop a person is allowed to purchase?

Recently the results of a long-term study involving over 30,000 Americans revealed that sugary drinks, such as soda pop, affects a person’s weight and puts that person at risk in regards to obesity.

Furthermore, the study has proven that if a person has genes that predisposes him or her to weight gain, sugary drinks are especial harmful to that person.

The study also suggests that a large number of soda drinkers overeat, engage in other unhealthy behaviors and tend to avoid exercising.

Thus, places such as New York City, are pushing hard to tax soda pop and to limit portions, with the hopes of discouraging people from drinking soda pop.

How effective is this?

Only time will tell.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, adding a tax or doing away with “super size” drinks at the movies or fast food joints will make very little difference.

Just like cigarettes which are now heavily taxed, if someone wants a cigarette or soda pop badly, he will pay the tax.  Soda pop consumers will also drive to another city or state to purchase soda pop at a lower cost.

Limiting the size of a drink may only be viewed as an annoyance.

Take going to the movies for example.  If a super size drink is no longer being offered, then what stops a person from purchasing two or three medium drinks?  The cashier doesn’t know if all the drinks are for one person or if that person is simply getting drinks for his buddies.

So what is needed if the threat of a tax or portion limit isn’t working?

  • We need to continue to provide awareness of the serious link between sugary drinks and obesity to people.
  • We need to help individuals know how to break the soda pop habit.

Until a person’s mindset can effectively be addressed, the other things, such as taxes, make very little difference.


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