South Beach Diet-Supercharged

by A Diet Community

South Beach Diet-Supercharged book is easy to read and if determined, easy to follow. I found that the only difference in the original South Beach Diet book and the new South beach Diet -Supercharged book was that this new book offers more meal plans and snacks, better exercise regimes and a much better understanding of the behavioral changes needed to be a success.

One great thing is if you have already followed the original South Beach Diet book and had success, you will then LOVE this new version. First of all the overall plan of both books are generally the same. There is still the emphasis on lean proteins, low-starch veggies and low fat dairy, except South Beach Diet-Supercharged has added 40 new recipes and two full weeks of ALL new meal plans for Phase 1 and Phase 2. In case you don’t remember or are not familiar with phase 1 and 2, I will briefly explain.

These two trademark phases of the initial South Beach Diet allow you to eat 3 meals a day plus small snacks as needed. Phase 1 of South Beach-Supercharged includes more meat, poultry, vegetables, beverages, desserts, soy foods, legumes, healthy fats, and prepared foods. In the great scheme of life, phase 1 is not too terribly awful and only lasts 2 weeks. Phase 2 gets a little easier as well as more lenient. Phase 2 has everything phase 1 has except it has more fruits, starches, and even a little alcohol!

I have followed The South Beach Diet on a few occasions and had fast and impressive results.  I have had even better results following South Beach Diet-Supercharged. It was easy for me being the third time I followed South Beach, but I still had to be very disciplined. I lost 27 pounds in total and still need to lose 10 more; which I will lose by following this diet. I have turned more into a lifestyle change, it no longer feels like work. If you are looking to lose weight and tone up, give the South Beach Diet-Supercharged book a go and you will never be hungry like the majority of other diets. I tell everybody about how I LOST THE WEIGHT, KEPT IT OFF! Please read this great book and start to lose that weight that has been bugging you for so long!

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