Free Weight Loss Eating Plan

by ADC - Gail

It is hard enough to figure out what to eat every day, but it gets even harder when you are trying to eat healthy and watch your weight.

We’re trying to make meal planning much easier for you.

Within our site, you will now find a weight loss eating plan in several different varieties.

  • Weekly Eating Plan
  • Daily Eating Plan
  • Breakfast Ideas
  • Lunch Ideas
  • Snack Ideas

Why You Need an Eating Plan

For many people, the best of intentions melt away when it comes time to find something for dinner.  The day was too hectic, you got home late, and you don’t have anything healthy that can be easily prepared.

The key to following a weight loss eating plan is the “plan” part.    Making a plan on what you’re going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day is the best way to start losing weight.

Browse through all the options we have for a weight loss eating plan to see what works best for you.

  • If you just struggle with dinner, you can use the weekly eating plan or go through the daily eating plans and find the ones that sound the best to you.
  • If you don’t want to have to think at all, just pick one of our weekly eating plans.  Those come with a complete shopping list.
  • If you just struggle for a weight loss eating plan specific to breakfast, lunch or snack ideas, those pages can provide you with a lot of ideas.

Weekly Weight Loss Eating Plan
There are several weekly eating plans included, and they even include a shopping list.  Each plan is based on a 1,200 calorie daily goal and may have to be adjusted if your goal is above that.  If there is something you don’t like, just check out the options below to find a substitute.

Daily Weight Loss Eating Plan

The daily eating plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  There are a lot of days to choose from and you can pick and choose the days you want to use.

Breakfast Ideas

If you need some great healthy and low calorie breakfast ideas, here they are.  These also work well if you are following a daily or weekly plan and don’t like the breakfast that is listed for that day.

Lunch Ideas

If lunch is something you struggle with, here are some ideas for great tasting, healthy, and low calorie lunches.


Snacks are a downfall for a lot of people.  Here are some ideas if you have the munchies, but want to stay healthy and within your calorie count for the day.

Now you have a weight loss eating plan at your fingertips.  Glance through all the options, find the one that you need the most and go to the grocery store to get what you need.

Remember:  If you’re trying to lose weight, NEVER go shopping when you’re hungry.  One of the keys to following a weight loss eating plan is making sure you only have good choices in your refrigerator and pantry.   Shopping when you’re hungry usually means that all that “bad” food ends up in your shopping cart.

If you have good food in your house, you will eat good food!

April September 22, 2012 at 2:17 pm

I’m looking forward to seeing and trying these plans. It gets overwhelming sometimes trying to figure out what’s the right thing to eat.

Shelley October 7, 2012 at 11:20 pm

Thanks so much for doing this!!! I feel overwhelmed getting started, but I think this site is going to help me a lot.

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