Women, Food and God

by A Diet Community

Everyone, all over the world knows who Oprah is. The majority of us absolutely adore her and all she does for humanity. We respect her genius, honesty, generosity, and the fact that she appears just like  ‘us’. Anyone who has followed Oprah throughout her successful career, has seen her in a handful of different sizes. Oprah has battled her weight for most of her life and has done so publicly. We have witnessed her success on many yo-yo diets and exercise regimes, causing her to drop down to a size 6. A few months later, however, she would reappear on her show looking like she had gained back her weight and then some. Any of us that have been through what Oprah has, can definitely relate!

Last May Oprah announced that she would NEVER diet again! The person responsible for Oprah’s strong and surprising comment is Geneen Roth, the writer of the bestseller, Women, Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything. Author, Geneen Roth has gained and lost 1000 pounds in her lifetime. She has struggled through anorexia and obesity.

Now, before running out to buy a copy of Women, Food and God, like I did, let me summarize the concepts of this diet book, as well as testimonies from a variety of women of all ages, so you understand what you are getting into. The unique thing about this book is that many different women have taken completely different concepts out of it. It is the type of book that you may have to re-read, and you may get a second concept from it.

Now this diet book doesn’t focus on not eating proteins, or dropping your calories, or refraining from carbohydrates. This book tells us to eat with “guidelines”. These guidelines are a very simplistic way of eating. The main key is to eat with awareness and listen to your body; not your mind.

After reading this book and following the very simple guidelines, you will notice that you will not grab that piece of cake, instead you will be tuned into your body enough to know that grabbing an apple is much better.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. It teaches lifestyle techniques, instead of diet techniques. No one can sustain a diet for the rest of their lives. How could you be healthy restricting certain food groups forever? Women, Food and God, will change your mind and most importantly, your entire being!

Trying April 13, 2012 at 10:37 pm

Sounds like a great book!  I can relate to the gain/lose/gain/lose merry-go-round and frankly, I’m ready to jump off!  I need to view food differently, otherwise I’m afraid that I’m going to never lose again. 

Cyndi May 21, 2012 at 11:50 pm

I appreciate Oprah’s honesty and openness regarding her weight issues.  Obesity is a tough battle and a person can go for months and have great success and then slide right back into old habits.

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